The following conditions are between driver/s willing to register or be registered on is a comparison Man with a van / Moving service provider in the UK. It allows drivers to register, complete a profile, set prices, and have their prices live on our website and receive instant bookings.

By using you agree to the terms and conditions as set out below.

None of the terms and conditions below shall limit or prevent our liability to you for death and injury caused by our fraudulent misrepresentation. No other liability may be limited under the law in the United Kingdom. We do not take any liability for any business damages or injuries occurred during any move/Man with a van related job. 

The term is used or we refer to the owner of the site under the company’s name; Hello Services Ltd, registered address 119 Richmond Road Studios, Kingston Upon Thames, KT2 B5X.

For Service Providers to be able to use our online platform, you must register your account details. This will enable visibility of user’s account’s with It is your responsibility to ensure the details provided are accurate and true and you must update your details if any details are changed for as long as you are an active service provider.

By completing the sign-up account, you agree to the terms and conditions; these terms and conditions will either be presented to you during the sign-up process or will be emailed to you. If the document is emailed to you then you need to reply with confirmation as to whether you agree or not.

It is our right to change any username or password, if we find a username identifiable by customers independently of, enabling the customer to book or contact the service provider directly, then we also have the rights to change the username.

We reserve the rights to change service providers name, shown to the customers, as their first name plus the area name you are based in.  This will enable us to identify service providers and makes it easier for customers to find out where the service provider is based.

We have the rights to update and change our terms and conditions at any time without notifying you and you agree to comply with the new terms and condition or ask for your account to be removed from within 10 days.

Terms and Conditions


1.1 You as a service provider can decide when to have your prices shown to customers and set the prices according to our website’s portal.

  1. Confirmed Booking:

2.1 will accept bookings within the region/ area/ radius coverage chosen by you as a service provider in your account base information.

2.2 If a service provider does not confirm the booked job to the admin either by text or email and the job is allocated to another service provider but still attended before the new driver, the original driver will be debited any money owed to the new driver to compensate the new driver.

2.3 If a service provider does not attend a booked job and we are not able to allocate the job to another driver, any fee occurred for compensation to the customer will be debited from the driver’s account.

2.4 If the service provider does not confirm a booked job and still attends the location after the new driver, the original driver will not be compensated. 

2.5 If a service provider receives a booked job and does not answer phone calls or text messages, then their account will be debited for the followings; any refund made to the customer and an administration fee to allocate a new service provider.

2.6 Whenever a service provider receives a booked job, it is their responsibility to respond to the admin confirming the job is happening and contacts the customer 12 hours before the job starts if the job is booked more than 12 hours in advance.

2.7 If a service provider accepts a booked job, then it is their responsibility to complete the job. If, for any reason, the job cannot be completed, any compensation made to the customer will be debited from the service provider.

2.8 Every service provider is required to make multiple trips to customers. You can charge the customer for each stop you make based on the price you have set on your account. The same applies to every mile travelled during the move.

2.9 Service Providers are not allowed to do part loads with another customer or have other items in the van except moving tools and equipment. Customers are booking a van and should therefore be able to use the entire loading space of the van. 

2.10 Service providers should be able to allow passengers to travel in the van when requested and make the seating available for the passenger/customer. It is required to have space for two passengers when just one driver is requested and space for one passenger if two men are requested, this is subject to seat availability. If seating cannot be provided to the destination, then the customer must be informed prior the start of the move.

  1. Cancellation

3.1 If a customer cancels their booking within 24 hours of the moving date and time, they are not entitled to a refund. However, if the job is cancelled more than 24 hours before the moving date and time then the customer is entitled to a full refund.

3.2 does not take responsibility for any financial loss if the customer refuses to pay the cancellation fee. However, if the payment has been received in advance, then the amount will be retained and any cancellation fee due will be taken from this amount. We cannot guarantee to obtain the full cancellation fee from the customer if the payment was not received in advance, we will however, try our best to get the amount owed. 

  1. Withdrawing your account

4.1 You can withdraw your account at any time by contacting We will then suspend your account and your account will be hidden from public view. You can request your account to be reactivated at any time by emailing us at Please Note: if your account is suspended then all your upcoming jobs will automatically be transferred to a different service provider.

  1. Non availability

5.1 If your account receives a job and you have not informed the admin about your non availability then your account will incur a minimum of £10 administration charge.

  1. Delays

6.1 It is your responsibility to inform the customer of any delays. If you know you will be delayed the day before the move, then the customer is to be informed and the estimated arrival time must be given. If the customer is not satisfied about the delay, then must be informed. If the delay occurs on the moving day and it was unexpected then must be informed.

6.2 If the move takes longer than expected and leads you to be late to a second job, the next customer is to be informed as soon as possible.

  1. London Congestion charging 

7.1 It is service providers’ responsibility to inform the customer about the congestion charge before entering the zone. If the job starts or finishes within the congestion charge, then £27.50 will be applied to the customer’s bill. This charge covers congestion and ULEZ tolls.

7.2 It is stated in our customers terms and conditions and email confirmation that there is a congestion and Ultra Low Emission Zone charge fee of £27.50.

  1. Toll Charges / Ultra Low Emission zone 

8.1 If your booking starts or finishes in the Congestion Zone on a weekday (national holidays excluded) between 07:00am - 18:00pm and the service provider's vehicle registration is older than 2005, the driver is responsible for payment of the £10.00 T - Charge fee. 

8.2 Please be aware that from 08.04.2019 the current T Charge will be replaced by the Central London Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) will be in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round.

8.3 The ULEZ zone will cover the same area as the current Congestion Zone.  This means that if you wish to use your vehicle in Central London from 08.04.2019 and it does not meet the ULEZ standard, there will be a daily charge of:

   *   £12.50 per day for cars, motorcycles, and vans (up to and including 3.5 tonnes).

   *   £100 per day for heavier vehicles, including lorries (over 3.5 tonnes) and buses/coaches (over 5 tonnes).

This is in addition to the Central London Congestion Charge and will apply to the following vehicles:

All new diesel vans sold from September 2016 should meet the Euro 6 standard.

All petrol vans registered with the DVLA from January 2006 meet the Euro 4 standard.

  1. Insurance

9.1 You are required to have a minimum moving / Haulage insurance policy and the document of the insurance to be emailed to us at If the circumstances of your insurance changes it is your obligation to inform us via email.

9.2 If a driver refuses to give a customer their Goods in Transit or Public Liability insurance and contact details within 7 working days of receipt, retains the right to compensate the customer any monies owed to the driver to settle the claim.

  1. Moving Equipment

10.1 Service providers must always carry on their vans a minimum of the following:

-one box trolley

-six straps

-basic tools

-five blankets

Failure to attend bookings without these items will result in the service provider’s account being placed on hold and under review.

10.2 If a driver attends a booking without a box trolley, 6 straps and 5 blankets the driver can be debited any monies owed to them for the customer’s refund amount, updated price fee amount, rejection fee amount and a non-fixed administration fee amount for our time spent recovering the booking.

11: Additional Cost 

11.1 If a customer is charged with an additional amount for whatever reason, must be informed about the total amount debited from the customer, reason for the extra amount and the method of the payment used to debit the customer. 

11.2 If the job takes longer than expected and the customer is charged extra for additional hours, it is the service provider’s responsibility to charge the customer the extra and inform

11.3 If at any time is not informed of the additional cost incurred, then the account will be suspended and will be subjected to review by admin.

12: Fees

12.1 will apply a percentage % on top of the price you have set in your account, and this percentage % will be the fee payable to

12.2 will not take any fees from what you have advertised on your profile. The fee is a percentage that will be added on top of your price and this will be paid together by the customer, e.g., if your price per hour is £40 per hour for 1 man and van and the customer is travelling 20 miles and your price per mile is £1 per mile.  Now the cost per hour is £40 x 2 hours minimum is £80 + £20 mileage charge = £100, we would apply 30% fee and the quote will become £130. If the customer books the job, then £30 is for and £100 is for the service provider.

12.3 Fee/Percentage will apply to additional charges debited from the customer. Note: we do not have a fixed fee and the fee may change from time to time. As mentioned above, the fee will be added on top of your prices, advertised by you. Once the job is booked it will mention the fee in % applied to the quote.

13: Receipts.

13.1 will issue an electronic receipt and will send it to the customer at the end of the job.

13.2 You are required to inform the office in text or email with amount received from the customer, you need to provide the following details when informing about the amount received from the customer:

A: Customer name

B: Moving from address

C: Amount received

B: Method of payment

C: Date of payment

  1. Punctuality

14.1 If a driver responds to a job offer email with his expected time of arrival and is then late by 30 minutes or more then the driver can be debited any monies owed to them for the customer’s refund amount, updated price fee amount, rejection fee amount and a non-fixed administration fee amount for our time spent recovering the booking.

14.2 If a driver is more than 30 minutes late to a collection address and has not called to inform them, the driver can be debited any account money owed to cover the customers refund amount, updated price fee amount, rejection fee amount and a non-fixed administration fee amount for our time spent recovering the booking.

14.3 If a driver is delayed more than 1 hour to a booking, the customer is due a partial refund for this lateness as per our standard refund policy.  Please see below:

Up to 1 hour late:             Your patience is appreciated.

1 – 1.5 hours late:            10% refund

1.5 – 2 hours late:            15% refund

2 – 3 hours late:               20% refund

Next day reschedule:       40% refund.

  1. Van Size

15.1 If the service provider arrives at a job with inaccurate van size the service provider will be debited any money paid to the customer as compensation or any other fees might be incurred during the allocation of a new service provider.

  1. Feedback

16.1 If a review is left by the customer and our investigation concludes that you did not provide a level of satisfactory service, the driver can be debited any monies owed to them for the customer’s refund amount, updated price fee amount, rejection fee amount and also a non-fixed administration fee amount for our time spent recovering the booking.

  1. Overcharging

17.1 If a driver is found to have overcharged a customer the driver can be debited any monies owed to them for the customer’s refund amount also a non-fixed administration fee amount for our time spent resolving the complaint.


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